About Our Company

Focused on “Implementing Innovation”, ACF provides more than advice to its clients- it provides capability to implement and achieve results.

ACF Associates

ACF Associates is an approachable, independent consulting company specializing in providing quality program and product support solutions to government and civilian industry in aerospace maintenance and performance based-operations. With current and comprehensive knowledge of the Canadian Air Force, the company objective is to provide timely, valued added, results-based client services with capabilities to see a project or program through from conception to implementation. Simply stated, we provide clients with solutions that work.

ACF Associates was founded in 2006 and since that time, our business scope has evolved to encompass a full suite of professional and technical services to both government and commercial organizations.



ACF Associates operates as a virtual workplace with employees remotely located throughout Eastern Ontario. This business model demands exacting standards of project management, focus and innovation, communication, and management tools. ACF has excelled at this model, and translates these standards into outstanding results for clients.

Dedicated Personnel

The contemporary ACF Associates workforce consists of dedicated teams of specialists including our Executive, Program Associate Team, and various Technical Associate Teams.  The culmination of expertise represented means that ACF can offer a full range of in-depth hands-on experience in both the public and private sectors.


Innovative Solutions

We foster innovation and creativity, alongside experience and skillful execution. Clients have selected us for complex projects in which engineering, designing and planning produce innovative, industry defying solutions.



For innovative ideas and successful implementation, please contact us.